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Beach Yoga in Puerto Morelos

We offer personalized private yoga lessons and group yoga classes for beginners in Puerto Morelos, Cancun and Playa del carmen. All fitness levels, all ages. The main purpose is to help you to connect with your true self and to understand the essence of Yoga while enjoying the beuaty of the Riviera Maya. 

Each yoga lesson is adapted to your needs. Live the experience of freedom, hapiness and wellbeing in the beautiful environment of Puerto Morelos, a small town in the Riviera Maya, a top destination in cancun, Mexico. Practice yoga in Puerto Morelos!

Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

Who is behind Yoga Kia Ora

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          ”  I am Mariane, I was raised in France where I worked as a fitness teacher for 4 years. I started travelling 8 years ago, thinking of taking a gap year and I never went back to my country. I worked many years abroad and travelled to many countries where I learnt about spirituality, human connection, nature and myself. I achieved so many amazing things, met so many extraordinary souls, knew so many inspiring experiences that I want now to share it with people. I am now running outdoor workshops and teaching yoga, orienting the practice toward a healthy and spiritual way to allow the people to connect with nature and lead then to find their inner peace  ”  

Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga
Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

Let me take on a beautiful spiritual journey!

Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

About Kia Ora - Yoga life

                 After 2 years practicing yoga with amazing & inspiring teachers and 2 years travelling the world, filling my heart with love and compassion, here I am today, willing to share, to teach the real essence of Yoga  “

               ”  I teach Hatha, Yin & Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a type of yoga that focuses on sequences of posture guided by the breath in order to get into a mindful practice and connect with your true self . Yoga is for everyone, it is never too late to start practising. As a beginner, I can get you to reach a high level of consciousness”

My experience in India

I am Alliance Yoga certified. I did my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Vedansha Yoga school in Rishikeh, a town in the North of India know to be the Yoga world capital. Learning in this spiritual atmosphere was the best yoga experience of my life. I learnt from yoga guru the phylosophy of yoga in a spiritual environment where, for sure, you will get inspired.

Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga
Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga Yoga retreat

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Imagine yourself connected to the universe.

Imagine yourself in harmony with nature, stepping into your power with love and confidence, feeling the energy all aroud you, allowing yourself to breath and to connect with your inner peace.


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Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

Book your Private Yoga Class

Send us a request to book  your next Yoga class in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. Please, don´t forget to tell us the day and time you would like to have the class. We will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule our class 

The Private Beach Yoga Class, (up to 2 people) takes place in Puerto Morelos, in our yoga palapa. If you prefer something more intimate, we can also come to your place in Puerto Morelos if you have enough space to do the yoga class (roof top, terrace, balcony, room,…)