CHAKRAS-The Meaning of Colours

Balancing your Chakras and finding Calm

The meaning of Colours

Colours affect how we feel on a profound level. From the colours we wear to the shades we choose to paint the living room or bedroom, they all have a subconscious impact upon us, for better or worse… If you own a yoga studio, shop or have ever created a website, its likely you’ve given some thought to the colour scheme; how do you want people to feel when they walk in? What does your choice of colour ‘say’ about your business? Whilst these choices are the sorts of decisions we may spend more time over, the colours we bring into our homes and personal lives are just as – if not more – important. We are, after all, around them all the time. Especially with regard to our clothing, yoga mats and props, and spaces we spend the most time in, we can engage with the use of colour to create an environment that fosters peace, harmony and wellbeing. Want to know the meaning of colours and which could work best for you? 

Balancing your chakras - Meaning of colours


Directly related to the heart chakra, green is often thought of as one of the most calming and healing colours for the human eye to view. When we take a walk in nature, part of the reason we might feel so tranquil is that we’re surrounded by greenery, reminding us of our innate connection to the natural world. Green is associated with renewal, energy, growth and harmony, and researchers have found that those living near green spaces seem to live longer and healthier lives. Green is a go-to colour for anyone who feels they need to reconnect to nature, invoke abundance in life, and feel more peaceful.

Shade of Green

  • Emerald – Linked to mental clarity and a sense of balance.
  • Green-Blue – This shade of green represents truly giving from the heart, encouraging compassion and understanding
  • Pale green – A cooling calming shade of green symbolising a fresh start, inspiration, child-like wonder and natural openness to life


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Especially calming for those of a ‘fiery’ nature, blue is related to loyalty, honesty and trust, as well as being another colour that reminds us of nature; the sea and the sky. Blue has a powerful ability to relax the brain, as it activates a part of the hypothalamus that controls the parasympathetic nervous system (the ‘rest-and-digest’ part), thus can be used effectively to reduce stress. Related to the throat chakra, blue also encourages self-expression and the ability to speak our truth, so is a great option for those who want to express themselves more whilst staying calm.

Shade of Blue

  • Sky blue – Encourages selfless love, compassion and calmness
  • Turquoise –Inspires us to follow our passions whilst remaining calm and balanced. Turquoise also encourages inner reflection and personal enquiry, so may be a great colour for a meditation space.
  • Pale blue – This calming shade of blue is linked to innocence, serenity, and seems to also be effective in reducing anxiety. 


Lapis Azuli


The colour of the Ajna chakra and located at the third eye, purple is all about intuition and higher consciousness, as well as royalty and enjoyment of life. Purple is said to have a more feminine energy than blue or green, and can help calm the nervous system whilst inspiring creativity. The next time you visit a therapist or book yourself a massage, look out for the colour purple, as it’s often used to help people feel soothed, relaxed and luxuriant.

Shade of Purple

  • Violet – Especially related to intuition and divinity, violet is also one of the colours that helps harmonise the mind and emotions.
  • Amethyst – Inspires a connection to our more mystical side, as well as being calming yet uplifting
  • Pale purple – The pale shade of purple indicates delicacy, beauty, lightness and spirituality, and a great colour to add to any room you want to unwind in.


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Carrying the entire colour spectrum, white is essentially all colours, representing openness, equality, unity and wholeness. Wearing white often encourages more mindfulness, peace and truthfulness, and whilst it represents completion, it simultaneously symbolises new beginnings and a sense of ‘wiping the slate clean’. The colour white can help us feel a sense of clarity and emotional refreshment, and is a great option for any space you practice meditation, aiding in expanding awareness beyond the ego’s restricted mindset, and towards the infinite possibilities that lie beyond.

White Quartz

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Balance your Chakras

You are about to embark on a beautiful journey. You will connect to the innate healing systems within your body to profoundly improve your mental and physical well-being. It is my hope that through elevated awareness and increased mind-body connection, you will experience a subtle (but massive) shift in your energy, mind-set, and overall happiness.

This book is an introductory guide to the chakra system, a network of internal energy centers whose various locations and properties correspond to specific elements of your physical body. You will be given techniques and tools to care for each of the individual chakras, as well as to ensure optimal function and balance throughout the whole system.

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Stone Chakras Bracelet

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