The 5 best ONLINE yoga retreats

Online Yoga Retrets

Do not give up on your yoga practice

Want to unwind and relax on a yoga holiday but can’t attend an in-person yoga retreat right now? Well, if you can’t come to the retreat, then the retreat will come to you!

Thanks to technology, you can improve your practice and enjoy a pleasant retreat from the comfort of your own home. Join an online yoga retreat, forget about your daily routine, learn new skills and embrace the extended time on the mat.

No need to worry about accommodation, meals and plane tickets. You’ll get a virtual experience specially designed to relax your body, calm your mind and strike your best asanas. Plus, you can add a few perks like cooking classes, coaching sessions for your wellbeing or guided meditations.  

Reasons to join an online yoga retreat

There are many reasons to book an online yoga retreat. Apart from the current travel situation and Covid-19 restrictions, it has many other advantages.

You can access from any device, a smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV. So you don’t have any troubles following the live yoga and meditation lessons or the online group sessions. In a way, you’re are always connected with the instructors and the rest of the students.

For busy people, it is a very good alternative as you don’t need to fully disconnect from your daily life to be able to follow the retreat. During a virtual yoga vacation, you’ll only need to schedule a special time during the day for the practice. There are some programs that even offer you the opportunity to complete the program of the retreat whenever you want.

If you consider the fact that you won’t need to spend a single minute traveling to another place,  an online yoga retreat is definitely a win-win option for those who have a tight and busy life schedule.

Moreover, an online yoga retreat is the most budget-friendly yoga vacation you can find. You don’t need to pay for meals, accommodations or transportation. If you don’t  have props and gear for your practice, it might be good to get at least a pair of blocks, but a mat is all you truly need and you can invest in very good yoga gears from diferent online suppliers.  

Also, a virtual yoga vacation offers you more comfort as you’ll be training from the coziness of your own home. However, if being away from your teacher and yoga mates make you feel disconnected, take it easy because you’ll usually have 1-on-1 guidance video times and you will also have many alternatives to connect with the other students.

In resume, for many yogis and future yoga teachers, an online yoga retreat has turned out to be the most accessible way to deepen or start their yoga practice,  find deep relaxation and connect with themselves. And it is an excellent alternative for those who are craving for a regular retreat but can’t do it right now.

Make sure you search for the type of yoga retreat that suit you the best.

The best online yoga retreats 2020


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Make your online yoga retreat a success

Now that you have seen the reasons to join a online yoga retreat, meke sure you get your own time and the right yoga equipment.

There are many yoga accessories on online markets with very attractive prices. You can check on Amazon or Aliexpress


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