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The world has evolved and changed with the pandemia and people want to stay safe, avoiding going out. But it doesn´t mean you have to stop your yoga practice. If you don´t have the discipline to practice alone, you have access to online yoga classes. It is a great way to keep practicing with a yoga teacher without moving from your cosy home. Enjoy yoga your way, on your schedule and staying at home. Our Yoga classes online are totally indidual but feel fre to invite someone to join you.

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Whether you are a new or experienced yoga student, we have a yoga class online for you. We offer fun practices that allow you to nourish body and mind as you build strength. We bring professional, motivating instruction straight to you, wherever you are. Contact us to schedule a class that we will lead by Zoom.

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Choose the yoga style that is right for you. Let us know your goal, if you are beginner, intermediare or advanced, if you have any injuries. These informations will help us to prepare Yoga classes online that will be adapted to you. 

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On the time we scheduled the online yoga class, we will connect via Zoom 10 minutes before the meeting time to talk a little bit more about the informations you had given us to make sure we made it right and we will start your Yoga classes online.

Live Yoga classes advantages

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Let your home become your personal yoga studio. Move through an beginner, intermediate or advanced practice that builds heat in the body or experience an all-levels restorative class. Experts suggest you should do yoga under the supervision of any yoga guru or an expert teacher, but many people prefer performing their yoga asana at home, in their own privacy.Thanks to the internet and YouTube videos will give the opportunity to practice yoga classes online. Yoga practitioners are also now shifting their yoga studio for digital classes, giving yogis chance to keep away from the crowd, and stand upside down in their own rooms. So what’s so great about practicing online yoga  at home with a virtual instructor, well, they are many.

1. Your Time, Your Space

Setting your own personal schedule time, online yoga allows you to select the time of the day that suits you to practice. Whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl, the ability to roll out your mat at any given time offers a great amount of freedom and allows you to commit to your practice in a way that is simple and easy.  Maybe you’re traveling and taking your laptop allows you the opportunity to practice in your hotel room. Perhaps you have set up a sacred space in your own home where you love to flow. Online yoga offers an abundance of options and solutions for the modern-day yogi.

2.Great comfort

Maybe you are not as comfortable doing yoga in the yoga studio or you are finding difficult to focus in a room full of people. Online classes allow you to grow in your practice in a comfortable aura of your home. Whether you are just a beginner or taking your yoga practice in an advanced level, or yoga is a new game for you, building space to develop your own relationship with yoga increases your experience and develops a deep personal relationship.

3.More Flexibility in Your Schedule

Freedom is at the heart of what we do. In order to allow more of it in our lives, having flexibility in our schedules is a non-negotiable!

Aligning your personal schedule to match that of the studios can be frustrating. You may miss out on your favorite classes because of family and work commitments. 

We practice online yoga to access classes whenever we want. This could be before an early morning flight, or a late-night yin class before bed. This flexibility gives you the freedom to schedule your day as you wish, without having to set aside time and money to get to the class at the studio.


The online yoga world now allow you to practice live-streamed classes from the comfort of your own home. Combine all the benefits of an online class with everything you love about a live studio class. Have a teacher right there practicing along side you and experience the energy and dynamic nature that comes with a live class. A great way to practice yoga classes online.

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Contact us and schedule your online yoga class. Choose between Vinyasa, Hatha or Yin Yoga.

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We offer 45-, 60-, 90- or 120-minute private classes at the comfort of your home and 100% online. Experienced yoga instructors will create a personalized class to match your needs.

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