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Yoga in Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Playa del Carmen.

Beach Yoga Private Class

We offer personalized private yoga lessons and group yoga classes for beginners in Puerto Morelos, Cancun and Playa del carmen. All fitness levels, all ages. The main purpose is to help you to connect with your true self and to understand the essence of Yoga while enjoying the beuaty of the Riviera Maya. Practice yoga in Puerto Morelos!

Each yoga lesson is adapted to your needs. Live the experience of freedom, hapiness and wellbeing in the beautiful environment of Puerto Morelos, a small town in the Riviera Maya, a top destination in cancun, Mexico. 

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Yoga class prices

Private yoga lesson

1 or 2 people

Work  deeper on your asanas, alignment and respiration in a personalized lesson where you will be able to connect with the inner you. Classes available in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.

Group Yoga classes

3 people and more

Enjoy a yoga class with your friends or family, being together with the one you love while enlightening yourself with all the benefits of yoga.

Group yoga class in Puerto Morelos - Ojo de Agua

*Due to the Covid19 situation, the group classes are limited to 8 people and we are kindly asking our students to bring their own yoga mat. Om Shanti!


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Join the Communauty

Join our Yoga Communauty in Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Playa del carmen and the Riviera Maya. Get the last updates about classes, yoga events, meditation retreats in Mexico. Find also wellbeing tips, receipes and news yoga accessories, and yoga in Puerto Morelos.

Yoga classes near me

We teach

Yoga is the best way to be curious about yourself

Yoga styles

Yoga en Puerto Morelos

Hatha Yoga

* Perfect for beginners
* Slow-paced mindful movements
* Individual asanas

Vinyasa Yoga

* Fast pace
* Flow between asanas
* Get your heart pumping

Yin Yoga

* Slow pace
* Floor-based asanas
* Meditation

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Why choose us?

Do Yoga with Me

When you start to practice yoga, you will see various changes in your life. Yoga has different types of benefits. Through the practice of yoga, we discover that concern for the happiness and wellbeing of others. 

And we will help you reach this goal practicing yoga in Puerto Morelos.

Benefits of Yoga

* Physical wellbeing
* Mental health
* Spiritual enlightement

Class focused on

* Improve your alignment
* Perfection of asanas
* Breathing


* English
* French
* Spanish


Casa Om Mexico

Yoga By the Sea

Our yoga teacher

Get the best yoga experience with Mariane, a yoga teacher with 3 years’ experience, certified by the RYS Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh (India), known as the yoga world capital. Specialized in Hatha, Yin & Vinyassa yoga and now teaching yoga in Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

Beach Yoga in Puerto Morelos

What Our Clients Say

Yoga Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is the perfect place in Mexico to connect with yourself and start or continue your yoga practice. Calm and welcoming, the town will wrap you in positive energy and vibes, giving you the opportunity to ressource yourself deeply connected to the universe.

Yoga near Cancun

Cancun has many wellness and wellbeing options. Practice yoga in front of the beach, et a massage or a spa in a temazcal, eat fresh and healthy. We care about your health.

Meditation Puerto Morelos

Relax and live as a local in Puerto Morelos. Breath deep, open your heart and practice yoga in Puerto Morelos.

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Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga
Puerto Morelos Clases de yoga

Book your Private Beach Yoga Class

Send us a message to book your next Yoga class in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

The Private Beach Yoga Class, (up to 2 people) takes place in Puerto Morelos, includes pick-up* and drop off* at your hotel, yoga mat, water and one hour yoga class facing the ocean.

Please, kindly share your hotel name, room number and don´t forget to advise the reception we will pick you up.

*Pick-up and drop off include Cancun hotel zone, Playa del Carmen beach front & Playa Car, Puerto Morelos hotels and town.